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       The school system should make financial literacy a mandatory subject but applied knowledge is power and the less of it that we have, the less we can control. When it comes to money, majority of people dwell on the past, do not prioritize their present, and never plan for their future. Paycheck to paycheck, living in debt, leaving your family assets after you have transitioned (GENERATIONAL WEALTH) is a mixture of your discipline and mindset. 

       So subscribe to my emailing list and join me along this journey as we shift our way of thinking about money! If you need help, reach out and book a session. A portion of the profits purchased from all seminars, classes, or shirts will be donated to Strivenation, a non-profit organization providing scholarships to college students. Not only are you gaining wisdom and fixing your finances, but now you are giving back to your community.

      To find out more information about the Strivenation 501(c)3,  click the button:



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