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First off, let’s set a couple of things straight. I am not a professional writer or have written a blog before. Also, this is always a judge free zone when I discuss financial literacy. Over the course of your life, you may bring in a total income about $2.7 million dollars based on what the average statistic shows. Therefore, the last thing you want is to wonder where it all went when you become old.

Financial literacy is honestly the most important thing never taught. By this I mean: budgeting, saving, investing, taxes, real estate, credit, debt, etc. In my personal opinion, as people grow older it becomes more difficult to “teach an old dog new tricks” which creates an emphasize and need to teach the youth. The lack of knowledge about money is costing majority of us happiness.

Before you believe that I’m saying money makes you happy, I will strongly say that it’s your personal opinion if it does. Money can solve some issues, but money can’t solve them all. Here’s a list of reasons I believe that money may costs you happiness:

1. Social media has given us a sense of instant gratification; therefore, you may feel like you can’t afford everything you want or need. You may believe it drives a hustle mentality, but for most it drives sadness and depression. Comparison is the thief of joy.

2. Money is the #1 reason that married couples get divorced because of the constant arguments.

3. Your friendships may end because someone won’t pay you back a few dollars. You say, “it’s the principle”, but truly the money plays somewhat of a factor.

4. When you graduate college, you expect a high paying job to reward you for your 4+ years of hard work and your degree. Instead, many become unhappy with their job due to feeling underpaid or not even being able to get a job in their respected field.

5. Money can possibly play a factor in your eating diet which continually plays a factor in how your body and mind feels.

The truth is that I can go on and on, but Your Mindset is Power. Most of your money issues can be solved with simple concepts of financial literacy. Think about if you saved at least 10% of every paycheck or gift that you ever received and put it away. Think about the money that you can say that you truly wasted. Think about what experiences you could have had if you knew then what you knew now. Last, think if you were knowledgeable on investing for your future.

This is the purpose of GROW, LLC (Get Rich Off Wisdom). The plan is to reach people in a variety of ways to teach both simple and complex financial strategies, terminology, and tips to become better money managers and maximize their funds into new opportunities. Right now, you are able to sign up for one-on-one private sessions. The goal is to show you how to best manage your money so that you no longer need a coach or advisor. Soon, I will be offering intuitive courses, books, and group classes. This platform will eventually become the home of all financial concepts, so please follow the social media outlets and subscribe for the upcoming blogs, emails, and latest financial news.

A quick blog will drop every Wednesday at 11 AM central time. The subscribe button is outside of this post on the Blog page. Tune in! Your Mindset is Power!

Business Social Media will be back up soon. Somehow they were hacked.

Personal Instagram and Twitter: @jj_rutherford

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